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Housekeeping & Ironing services

Sue oliver, Proclean Housekeeping

Sue Oliver - Proprietor of ProClean Housekeeping

Working alongside ProClean Oxford

  • Weekly / Fortnightly / Monthly cleaning
  • Spring cleans
  • One off deep cleans
  • Ironing service


Covering Abingdon, Didcot, Wallingford, Sutton Courtenay, Steventon & Drayton.

Sue was employed by Thames Valley Police for over 12 years and the Royal Air Force for 9 years as a Stewardess.

During Sue's time spent with the RAF she served the following dignitaries and prides herself on working to an extremely high standard.

H.M King Harold of Norway

H.R.H Duke of Kent

H.R.H.s Duke of Edinburgh

Duke of Kent

King Hussein of Jordan

Rt. Hon. Douglas Hurd

H.M. The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh

Personal Steward to the Duke of Edinburgh

Personal Steward to H.R.H. The Duke of Gloucester

Sue's Testimonials :

July 2018 - I cannot praise this company highly enough. Sue is incredibly efficient and her attention to detail and speed of response are remarkable. Our wonderful cleaner leaves our house spotless. They have helped us out of a hole for which we are immensely grateful.

Best wishes


I have known Sue for 2 years and in that time I have found her to be totally reliable and provide an ironing and house cleaning service of a very high standard and better than I can do myself. Sue is totally trustworthy and has keys to the house to enable her to collect and deliver ironing and clean the house when we are not at home. I have no hesitation in recommending her. 

Mrs Walker - Didcot

Sue has been taking my ironing for well over a year now and she always

does an exceptional job. All the garments are ironed perfectly,

despite some of them being a real pain to iron. More that that,

however, is Sue's level of service. Sue's service is great and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. 

 Mrs J Newman - Drayton

“Sue is amazing! She is all you could wish for - totally reliable, trustworthy and she does a superb job.”  

L. Cleaver (Didcot)

 “I tried several cleaning company’s before I found Sue and she knocks the spots of every single one. Sue does the work of two in half the time – and to a much better standard. She is worth her weight in gold!” 

 P. Walker (Didcot) 

"I always wanted a cleaner but didn’t really want someone having to look at my mess! I was at work one day looking harassed and stressed and moaning to a colleague about having two full time jobs (at home and at work); she recommended Sue and Caroline from ProClean and gave me their email address. I emailed them straightaway and before I knew it they were round that evening looking at my house. Seriously efficient! I was impressed.That was the start of me getting my life back. I love the feeling after they’ve been. My house always feels fresh and clean, Sue is not your average cleaner. She is always happy and energetic, Sues cleaning standards are really high and ProClean have seriously changed my life. I never thought I would enjoy having cleaners round, but Sue is amazing. I actually think they are the best cleaning company in the world! "

K. Gardiner – Drayton Abingdon. August 2012

Dear Sue, It was soooo good to walk into a house that was so beautifully cleaned this afternoon. I am not exaggerating when i tell you that it put a big smile on my face! Thanks very much and have a lovely, relaxing weekend. 

Regards Lesley, September 2012

Sue has been cleaning for me for some months and, apart from her sunny and helpful nature, is honest, efficient and hard working. She is willing to help in any way she can and can be relied on to arrive when expected. I can highly recommend her to do a good job in a cheerful manner. I have known Sue several years and found her to be honest and reliable in everything that she undertakes.

V. Reed - Didcot - March 1st 2013 

Sue has been carrying out cleaning for us for several months. We have always found her very professional and reliable. She has high standards - always doing a thorough job with the cleaning, bringing her own materials. Sue has been flexible when we have needed to change dates and communicates well if she has any questions or concerns. She also gets on well with the cat who loves to see her!! We can recommend her highly.

Mrs V . Good - Cumnor - 28th February 2013

Thanks so very much Sue for your hard work and conscientiousness; you and Kirsty are a credit to Pro Clean and it is greatly appreciated by Sarah and myself.

Robin - Cumnor - 2nd February 2013

I work full time (and much more), have 2 dogs, a teenage son and an extremely untidy partner .

I spend very little time at home as work seems to overtake my life, but the time I do have is spent trying to keep on top of our large home.

I dread walking in at night, guilt takes over and a feeling of despair prevails.

Prozac is needed! Or was until Sue & Julie arrived! You are both amazing.

You have transformed my home. In fact you have transformed my life.

My whole house had been cleaned, polished, shined, scrubbed and seemed filled with light.

No I realise you are not God-you have just cleaned my windows.

I feel de-stressed, calm and once again remember how beautiful my home is.

Thank you, Jill - 23/8/2013

Hi Sue - Just wanted to say we are so delighted! Have come home to a wonderfully clean and fresh house, what a pleasure. I can see what trouble you have taken and how thorough you have been. I’d like to say it’s just how I would do it myself, but honestly it’s far better. Thank you so much, this is such a great help to us. 

 Best wishes - Jenny - Abingdon - 30/8/2013

Sue with her team have been cleaning my house for a number of weeks and I am very pleased with what they have done. I have not used cleaners before and was rather anxious to have strangers taking over one of my many rolls in life. I have always prided myself in keeping my home clean for many years, but being a busy lady, I now very much appreciate her help and her high standards. 

Pauline - Drayton, Abingdon 17/12/2013

Sue Oliver and her team have been cleaning for us for a few months now with which we are delighted, and we thoroughly recommend them for the quality and reliability of their service. They work quietly, methodically and speedily and leave our house sparkling.

Jenny - Drayton, Abingdon - January 2014

Proclean housekeeping can not be recommended highly enough. Sue and her team carry out the cleaning to levels surpassing your highest expectations and do it all in a very friendly and caring manner. Many thanks

Jon - Abingdon - March 2014

Proclean Housekeeping aka Helen Susan Oliver has done a FANTASTIC job at our house today.... Thank you xx

David - Botley - February 2014

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the excellent clean. First thing Rich said was that he had never seen the bath or shower so clean, including when we first moved in!!!!!!

That is some achievement. Even my brother, who is not the praising type, said he could not believe how clean it was. It was a real pleasure to come home. Thank you

Jane - Chilton - March 2014

Hi Sue,

I guess time is precious to everyone, but more so when you have a child with a disability. Because of you and your team being here today, I have been able to spend quality time with ****** and as a direct result of that, a child who generally does not talk has spoken not one but two new words today. I can not express how much that means to me, and how important it is. Its worth its weight in gold.

Thank you so much for the amazing work you have all done here today, I am seriously impressed! I certainly will be recommending you to anyone and everyone. The dogs are now banned from the sofas, can't believe how shiny they are! My 14 year old son thinks that the super clean floors are great for sliding on, and my bathroom and kitchen look like they should be in a show home! My only complaint is that I didn't call you sooner!!

Thank you so so much.

Mel - Didcot - March 2014


I popped into Cheers Farm yesterday and wanted to say thank you very much for all your hard work. I thought it looked very good indeed and you all did a great job, nice and bright and clean ready for someone to move in.

With kind regards

Alison - Drayton - June 2014

I popped in around 7 00pm on my way home from visiting my daughter. It looks amazing , especially the carpets. Thanks so much for great job.'

 Val - Abingdon - June 2014

Hi Sue - Thank you for all your hard work - the house looks great and we are really pleased with what you have done. We got back quite late last night but when I was looking around the house (I was smiling at how lovely it all looked) and I'm pleased you did tackle it and embarrassed it was so dusty. Thank you again to both of you for your hard work - the house is gleaming, and you have provided just the sort of service I have been looking for from a cleaning company. Have a good weekend

 Susan - Southmoor - August 2014

'Thank you for doing such a splendid job - I still can't believe you managed to get those horrid labels off the basin and loo in the bathroom - I've been scratching away for years with no success!

Looking forward to more cleanliness next week, regards - 

Cathy - Chilton - October 2014

Hi Sue

The professional clean took the edge off a very stressful day and few weeks. Coming home to a lovely clean house help with those stresses and worries.

Let's book in for next month please.

Best wishesVictoria April 10, 2015

Dear Sue

Thank you all so much for this morning. I know how hard you all must have worked to get it so spick and span!

Very gratefully Pam April 15th 2015

And to top the day off... another new client has just confirmed that they'd like ProClean to come & help us look after their home cleaning for them

Hi Sue,

Thanks for today – we are very pleased with the result it has given our home a real lift. The tiles in the downstairs shower are so white now it is really lovely. The upstairs shower room looked really great too. I think the boys thought they had come home to the wrong house! I think it will encourage them to take care of their bathroom.

Thanks again,

Ana June 6th 2015

Dear Sue,

We had a nice surprise on our return on Friday – it looked as if a fairy had played some magic, even the children were in awe. So many thanks for your work! It was especially appreciated after a heavy week that I had spent in Lisbon on a business trip.

Have a great day and thanks again!

Miriam June 15th 2015

Hi Sue,

Just want to say a massive thank you for the cleaning today, we were both really impressed with the outcome. Also the little extras like emptying the food bin, making the bed tidy, cleaning the cat flap, and the de scaling is much appreciated.

Thank you so much.

And yes Nala was up at the window in the hallway waiting for me to come home but thank you for cleaning the blinds.

Thanks again for all the efforts and the extras.

M&D 13th August 2015

Hi Sue,

Thank you for cleaning our house today, it was so, so nice to come home to such a lovely clean house. Thank you once again, we were very pleased when we got home from work tonight.

Have a good week

Kind Regards

Glenda October 13th 2015

We are both delighted with your professional and exacting service. Thank you. Many, many thanks; we really are both impressed and grateful,


Hello Sue

Charles and I are so pleased with the excellent result of your team today, the rooms look so sparkling and fresh. They appeared to be a hard working and happy group of girls and we thank you all. See you in two weeks.

Penny October 14th 2015

Hi Sue

Thank you for your Christmas card – a lovely idea (I too support Sobell)

And I really wanted to thank you and the ladies for the fantastic service you provide. I was so uncertain about having a cleaner at home (never having done so before) before I met you, but since you started coming I have never looked back – don’t know what I would do without you now!

I hope you have a lovely Christmas and wish you a very happy new year.

Kind regards,

Ana 22nd December 2015

Hi Sue

Thank you, and your team, so much for today...everything was sparkling clean and I was very happy with the result. I have no doubt I will be calling on your services again whether it be in this house or the new one, and I would have no hesitation in recommending your Company to others.

Thank you again Sue.


Pat 28th January 2016

Hi Sue.

I'm so thrilled. Thank you all so much for your hard work. I could've moved back in. I've read the riot act to Tom so here's hoping! I do know how hard you've all worked because in the past I've had to do it myself. Never got the bath screens that good though. Trade secret I expect. Thanks again.

A very happy Jude. 8th February 2016

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